We're Rebranding!

It's finally time to bid adieu to our beloved 'Handmade by Gwubby' in favor of a new and improved brand name: Tiwala Swim. As much as I love Handmade by Gwubby, after much consideration, I'm upgrading our name to something even more meaningful and true to our brand ♥

What was wrong with Handmade by Gwubby?

To me, nothing! I love my OG brand name (': But, just like our designs and environmental efforts, we're always evolving. The @alt.gwubb Instagram existed long before I started seriously creating handmade swimwear. (Fun Fact: Previously, it was also the hub for my embroidery. Here's a little sample of what I used to post on this account!)

My hand embroidery of a red dragon on a white crop top.

It was a place for my close friends and family to look at my creative endeavors. I thought I was so clever naming my second account 'alt.gwubb,' short for alternative gwubby -- since my personal IG handle is @gwubby.

Our old name was perfect for selling handmade goodies straight from our alternative Instagram account to family and friends. However, this handle and backstory was always confusing to spell out to people when they would ask for my small business Instagram. My decision was solidified after meeting with people who worked in the marketing space. I was told that our name didn't quite fit our brand. Our products and website seemed a bit more polished than Handmade by Gwubby -- a name that sounded like it was for displaying one's hobby (which is exactly what it was!) I knew in the back of my head that it was time to move on. In fact, I've had the username @tiwalaswim saved on Instagram for over a year. Truth is, while I knew Handmade by Gwubby wasn't the best fit for what the brand evolved to, I wasn't ready to let go of it yet. It was the name people knew me by, the domain I had bought in late 2020, the trade name I registered with the State of Hawaii...It was my baby! How could I get rid of it? But, after careful thought, I realized it was the right choice to make, especially if I wanted my business to grow.

What is Tiwala?

Tiwalà in Tagalog means faith. As my middle name, Faith is quite literally an important part of my life and personal philosophy. Thus, it's only fitting that I pair this core value with my small business, because I believe you should have complete faith in your swimwear. Having faith in your swimwear means trusting where it comes from (what kind of business are you supporting? how were the fabrics sourced? do you know where your clothes were made?), how it is made (do you know who is making your clothes? how are they treating their workers? what materials are being used? are they sustainable?), and how it fits on your body (will it stay on when you go into the ocean? will it come apart at the seams after one use?). Tiwala Swim is handmade customizable sustainable swimwear you can have complete faith in.

What does this change mean?

Don't worry, we're still the same team (it's still just me, Gabby, hehe), making the same handmade customizable sustainable swimwear to enhance your bangin' beach bod 😉

So what's actually changing? Just our name! (...and maybe you'll notice a new motto...) Now you can find us at tiwalaswim.com. Our email is now hello@tiwalaswim.com. Our social media handles are now the same all across the board! *Find us at '@tiwalaswim' on all platforms. You can find us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


I hope you love the new name as much as I do!

R.I.P. Handmade by Gwubby -- you shall be missed 𓆩♡𓆪

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