Our Core Values

Our core values are faith (tiwalà), passion, transparency, continuous learning, and integrity.

Tiwalà in Tagalog means faith. We rebranded from 'Handmade by Gwubby' to 'Tiwala Swim' because we strive for our customers to have complete faith in us and our products. Having faith in your swimwear means trusting where it comes from (what kind of business are you supporting? how were the fabrics sourced? do you know where your clothes were made?), how it is made (do you know who is making your clothes? how are they treating their workers? what materials are being used? are they sustainable?), and how it fits on your body (will it stay on when you go into the ocean? will it come apart at the seams after one use?). Tiwala Swim is handmade customizable sustainable inclusive swimwear you can have complete faith in.


Passion is another core value for us. Without passion, you lose heart, dedication, determination, and quality. Tiwala Swim is more than my job because I am passionate about what I'm doing and putting into the world. Passion drives creativity, high standards of excellence, and positive attitudes – I hope all of this can be seen and felt through every facet of my business (e.g., our products, social media, etc.).


Another important value I believe every business should operate under is transparency. To be transparent, you need to be open and take accountability for any wrongdoings. Openness is vital within a team as well as with customers. Without transparency, toxic environments are hidden easily. Being closed off is how fast fashion companies have been allowed to thrive. They aren't open about why their prices are so cheap. They hide sweatshops, horrible working conditions, poor wages, and more.

As a small business owner and just as a human, I hope that I am continuously learning. There is a vast amount of information in the world we can learn and grow from. New information comes out every day. With learning comes adaptation, innovation, and solutions.

All our core values are intertwined; this includes our final core value: integrity. Wanting the fashion industry to be morally upright is one of the reasons why I started Tiwala Swim. If more big companies and corporations had integrity, we would have a better world for future generations to live in. Integrity means doing what's right no matter the circumstance. Why do I hand make everything when I could easily send it out to a sweatshop for cheaper and increase my earnings? Simply because it is the better thing to do. I only want to uplift people in this world. I would never want to harm anyone, no matter the profit.

I hope our core values resonate with you as much as they do with me! Mahalo for trusting Tiwala Swim with your swimwear ♡