isa collection ūüíę

'isa' means 'one' in tagalog, commemorating our first collection as tiwala swim ‚ô°
This collection is extremely special to me since it was an amazing outlet I used to exercise my creativity (through design, photography, and editing) during a tumultuous unpredictable time in my personal life. This is my first full collection drop of 2022 and my first drop with the name change: Tiwala Swim.

Notable Fabric Features:
  • UPF 50+ (helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays!)
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Made from¬†post-consumer recycled materials (e.g., yarn, ghost fishing nets, plastic water bottles, etc.)

Available Fabrics:

  • Mango (a juicy burnt orange, named after one of my favorite fruits)
  • Stone¬†(a stormy dark gray with purple undertones)
  • Matcha¬†(a quintessential olive green, the color¬†I prefer my matcha lattes to be)
  • Tennis Terry¬†(a muted light green terry cloth ‚ÄĒ think towel/bathrobe material)
  • Kapa-Kapa¬†(a light baby pink named after a beautiful flower that is native to the Philippines)
  • Mocha¬†(a nice muted light brown when dry that turns into a rich dark chocolate when wet)
  • Cielo (a gorgeous sky blue which translates to 'sky' in Tagalog)


isa collection colorways: mango (burnt orange), stone (dark gray), matcha (olive green), tennis terry (muted light green terry cloth), kapa-kapa (light baby pink), mocha (light brown when dry, rich dark chocolate when wet), cielo (sky blue)