Morenx Collection

To celebrate Filipino American History Month (October) & my first event with Pusong Filipinx, I've decided to debut 8 new colors that remind me of the Philippines & my culture. Read below to find out more about this collection!

The Morenx Collection

Morenx = Dark-skinned

While I think both ‘morena/moreno’ sound like beautiful words, the lived experience of having dark skin as a Filipinx is quite the opposite. Skin bleaching, papaya soap, excessive amounts of sunscreen, aunties telling you, "You're looking too dark, stay out of the sun," have all been a part of growing up Filipino. I'm sure many Filipinx (and people from other cultures) can tell you about their internal and external struggles with colorism.

It took me a long time to be comfortable, and more importantly, confident, in my own skin. This collection is one of the ways I'm trying to reclaim being Morena. No matter what shade you are, you are beautiful! I chose a variety of fabrics that will look great on all skin tones, no matter how dark or how light. The aim of this collection is to be skin-inclusive, and features three “nude” colors which complement all skin types. (Hopefully, I can expand upon this limited range in the future.) I hope this collection encourages fellow Filipinx (and those who have struggled with their own colorism or body issues) to be comfortable and confident in their skin!

Below you will find swatches of the eight new colors in this collection:

  • OUT OF STOCK Maganda, meaning beautiful in Tagalog, is a shiny light brown.
  • OUT OF STOCK Dayang, meaning darling in Tagalog, is a matte light cream.
  • OUT OF STOCK Napintas, meaning beautiful in Ilocano, is a shiny chocolate brown.
  • OUT OF STOCK Langit, meaning sky or heavens in Tagalog, is a matte sky blue.
  • OUT OF STOCK Magat, named after the Magat River in my Mama’s province, is a matte rich teal blue.
  • OUT OF STOCK Napigsa, meaning strong in Ilocano, is a matte dark burnt orange.
  • OUT OF STOCK Rambutan, named after a sweet, Filipino fan favorite fruit, is a matte ruby red.
  • OUT OF STOCK Katmon, a tree endemic to the Philippines, is a matte dark olive green.


    All of these fabrics are sourced from the Fabric Fairy.

    Dayang & Magat are from the Kira Matte Tricot Collection from Pinecrest Fabrics. They contain Creora® HighClo™ Spandex yarn which provides the highest level of chlorine resistance, holds shape, and has 4-way stretch for comfort. These fabrics also hold the highest level of UPF protection from the sun! Overall, Kira Matte Tricot Spandex is a superior quality tricot fabric with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification and HIGG Index Certification. These certifications showcase the commitment to creating textiles in an ethical and sustainable manner across the entire value chain. (Read more at Pinecrest Fabrics.)

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