Vol. 1

Volume 1

All fabric from this collection is locally sourced, from a small business, and/or recycled.
In the first photo, you'll find fabric I've sourced locally from Hawaiʻi's Fabric Mart.
These colors include:
  • OUT OF STOCK White (matte finish)
  • OUT OF STOCK Black (shiny finish)
  • OUT OF STOCK Red (matte finish)
  • OUT OF STOCK Cream (matte finish)
  • OUT OF STOCK Olive (matte finish)
  • OUT OF STOCK Tropical (matte finish)

In the second photo, you'll find deadstock, sustainable fabric from Matchpoint Fabric. Because this is deadstock fabric, when this fabric is gone, it'll be gone forever!

These fabrics were manufactured with 92% OEKO-TEK certified recycled polyester (rPet) & 8% Spandex. This particular recycled polyester is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials (primarily discarded water bottles). The fabric has also been treated with Chitosante (the only anti-bacterial treatment certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency!) which adds ~magical~ wicking, odor-resisting, and anti-pill properties.

The colors from this set include:

  • OUT OF STOCK Umeboshi Plum (matte finish)
  • OUT OF STOCK Aubergine (matte finish)
  • OUT OF STOCK Navy (matte finish)
  • OUT OF STOCK Blush Pink (matte finish)